The VQ-125R is a compact, lightweight 125cc bike that delivers riding confidence that’s never been experienced before. It’s the perfect bike for any young rider or beginner adult that seeks to explore the trails and carve out a new adventure. The Hi-Flo Performance Exhaust, a potent engine, a high-quality Japan-grade 24mm MIKUNI clone carburetor and off-road suspension all work together to take you wherever the trail leads.

Competitive Engine

The Evoque VQ-125R engine creates one of the most powerful and competitive 125cc bikes in its segment. Beginners find this bike easy to operate and handle with 9 horsepower and an 80 km/h+ speed capability. You can experience even more heart-pumping power with the available Evoque power upgrades for the VQ-125R.

Robust 4-Speed Transmission

The VQ-125R comes equipped with a 4-speed (1 up & 3 down) transmission. The improved gear ratios offer more control as you transition between gears. Feel the bike take off as you direct each move. It also includes the “no dirt” gear shifter, which is similarly found on the VQ-150R bike

Upgraded Exhaust Design

Check out the new Hi-Flo stainless steel core exhaust with formed end caps. It’s finished with an aluminum canister and contains a durable stainless steel header. Listen to the unique crack and pop that this exhaust provides when twisting the throttle.

Easy to Handle Frame

The VQ-125R frame is meant for the beginner rider. It is specifically created to give younger and beginner riders the peace of mind and confidence needed on the trail. It provides easy handling while supplying superior comfort to the rider. Plus, this advanced design ensures durability that lasts.

Wheels for a New Adventure

With the VQ-125R, you get lightweight machined hub rims, but you can also upgrade to our alloy rims. We wrap the 14” rear wheel and 17” front wheel with knobby tires designed to provide superb stability and grip while effectively transferring power to the ground. However, you can upgrade to DUNLOP MX tires if you are ready to take your ride to a new level.

High-Quality Suspension

With the VQ-125R, you gain telescopic front forks with a monoshock rear suspension for complete control. The golden inverted front fork suspension is designed to take any obstacle with ease, while the adjustable rear suspension allows you to customize the entire ride.

Lightweight Wave Disc Brakes

The VQ-125R gives you the advanced braking power you need for any ride. The large disc brake makes it simple to stop quickly or slow down, nice and steady. Now, whether you want to go or you need to stop, you know the bike will respond to your demands